Let me tell you a story...


I love words. I put my words to work for clients — developing a new brand voice, capturing an organization’s existing heart, or polishing the edges off a draft in the rough. Check out my portfolio.


Writing is my greatest joy in life. My fiction has appeared in national magazines and I believe I’m only at the beginning of my creative career.


I’m known as Lauren the Flute, though I also sing. I’ve performed live on stage with a number of bands (and I lead my own, The Returners). I’ve also ventured into the world of home recording. Check out my take on classic video game music, folk songs, and more.
Whether I'm using words or melodies, my life is dedicated to sharing stories with other people. I believe that's what makes us human - that need to create, to express our innermost selves and prove that we are not alone in the vast unknown.

Follow my adventures through the work I use to make my living and the work I live to make.