About Lauren

lauren-fluting-socksAbout Me

I live in Austin, Texas, with two cats. I earn my livelihood as a copywriter, taking on freelance clients in addition to my full-time job when I find a good fit. In my free time, I like to read (particularly young adult novels), bake banana bread, cook, and take my cat for walks. I recently received my MFA in Creative Writing through the Stonecoast program at the University of Southern Maine.

My creative passions have defined my life for a long time; I wrote my first epic (if incomprehensible) short story in second grade, and my parents nurtured my creative writing streak. I started piano in kindergarten, picked up the flute in fifth grade, and took my first voice lesson in college when I was unable to keep up with my other two instruments. My father introduced me to gaming when I was a toddler, beginning with the Atari ST; my favorite games areĀ Final Fantasy VI, Super Metroid, the Suikoden series, and the Prince of Persia trilogy. I’m also partial to King’s Quest and Typing of the Dead.

I lead a video game cover band, The Returners, in which I sing and play flute.

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