St. Edward’s University: Faith on Campus Video

We worked with Campus Ministry to create this video capturing the university’s welcoming interfaith community. I spoke with a number of students as well as the director of Campus Ministry (a Catholic priest). After conducting the interviews, I cut the story and then collaborated with the university’s videographer, who finalized the story cuts and added b-roll.

St. Edward’s University: Student Study Abroad Video

For the Office of International Education, I interviewed a student about his recent study abroad experience. I then collaborated with our videographer to edit his story into a coherent, emotionally engaging video.

St. Edward’s University: Study Abroad 101 Video

This was one of three videos designed to explain the study abroad process; the Office of International Education asked us to help them provide resources that students who were considering study abroad could use to learn the basics of study abroad. Because this video needed to convey specific instructional information, I wrote a script and directed a theater student, balancing the informational content with a relatively informal and natural manner of speaking.


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A luxury jewelry corporation, Zale needed a copywriter to add romance and personality to what was otherwise a fairly sterile site. Engagements, weddings, and birthday celebrations deserve a little spice, so I developed a slightly over-the-top romantic style to paint an image visitors would love. Whether I was writing thousands …

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This gallery contains 3 photos. runs three web zines devoted to the modern lifestyle. This client wanted to establish a particular voice and develop a web presence. To help them achieve both goals with their newsletters and websites, I conducted interviews with designers and architects, written up articles on related subjects, and helped edit …

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My client had several different online retail stores and wanted me to write product descriptions for new product lines, with an emphasis on usability because this client takes pride in customer service. These projects involved extensively researching the products and becoming an expert so that I could write content that …

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My work for HomeAway ranged from informative articles to keyword-dense summaries, city vacation guides to keyword research and analysis. I wrote for the site, which uses a very familiar, conversational tone I needed to match. In addition to keeping a consistent writing voice, I had to come up with …

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