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It’s all storytelling — whether I’m capturing the feeling of a student’s first day on campus or painting a verbal picture of the perfect fairytale proposal. Sensory details, an emotional approach, and an authentic voice will bring your product (or service or cause) to life far better than forced buzzword-heavy marketing-speak.

I’ve had the privilege of working with many wonderful, creative, inspiring clients over my nine-year career. I write for print and the web as well as video (both beautiful scripts or guided interviews). Let my storytelling skills help you cultivate a stronger voice and better connect with your audience.

St. Edward’s University 2017 admission stream: First Look

This piece is sent primarily to high school sophomores, who are often in the very early stages of their college search. Thus the goal is not to convince students to apply but rather to raise their awareness of and interest in the university. I chose a particularly youthful voice that pairs irreverent playfulness with the earnest compassion that drives our student body.
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St. Edward’s University Magazine Feature: Taking Pride in His Past

This piece profiled a high-achieving student with an emotionally compelling story that reflects the university’s priorities. Writing this piece required very detailed interviews with the student, and I had to take great care to convey his history and his culture respectfully.
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St. Edward’s University 2017 admission stream: Graduate Counseling

I needed to adapt the “Intersection” voice (originally conceived for prospective undergraduate students) to appeal to the more mature prospective graduate student audience. I kept the original’s frank earnestness, toned down the playful asides, and took a more nurturing tone to appeal to a prospective counseling student’s emotional motivations. This involved close collaboration with the design and photography teams, requiring me to edit my copy frequently to fit the needs of the piece. During the redesign of our graduate recruitment stream, I was officially promoted to head writer of all admission pieces, and the copy you see here is all my work.
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St. Edward’s University 2017 admission stream: Graduate Business

As with the counseling brochure, I adapted the “Intersection” voice (originally conceived for prospective undergraduate students) to appeal to the more mature prospective graduate student audience. I kept the original’s frank earnestness, toned down the playful asides, and focused on the practical benefits of a degree to respect a business student’s priorities.

St. Edward’s University 2016 admission stream: Viewbook

I came up with the initial campaign concept, “Intersection,” of which this viewbook is the most significant piece. I drafted almost all of the copy, with collaboration and feedback from my team; I also contributed feedback to the design and photography teams to ensure that the concept was applied consistently. This piece is sent to prospective students who are going through their college search.


St. Edward’s University: Internships in Austin Video

We needed to convey to prospective students that going to school in Austin would put them in a central location for many internship and career opportunities. This video changed scope over the course of the project, involving many separate pre-interviews and a number of extensive video interviews. The resulting video captures the perspectives of student interns, their internship supervisors, and the university’s director of Career Services. I cut the story myself (with numerous rounds of revisions), then collaborated with the university videographer, who finalized my cuts and added b-roll.


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A luxury jewelry corporation, Zale needed a copywriter to add romance and personality to what was otherwise a fairly sterile site. Engagements, weddings, and birthday celebrations deserve a little spice, so I developed a slightly over-the-top romantic style to paint an image visitors would love. Whether I was writing thousands …

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My client provided me with information about properties for sale, and I followed their precise guidelines to deliver a package of content (including landing page content and advertising emails), usually with a tight deadline. The properties ranged from ordinary townhomes to multi-million-dollar mansions, so I had to target my writing …

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This gallery contains 3 photos. runs three web zines devoted to the modern lifestyle. This client wanted to establish a particular voice and develop a web presence. To help them achieve both goals with their newsletters and websites, I conducted interviews with designers and architects, written up articles on related subjects, and helped edit …

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My work for HomeAway ranged from informative articles to keyword-dense summaries, city vacation guides to keyword research and analysis. I wrote for the site, which uses a very familiar, conversational tone I needed to match. In addition to keeping a consistent writing voice, I had to come up with …

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