Creative Writing

Writing fiction is my greatest joy. I am a storyteller at heart — and fiction allows me to lose myself completely in story. I believe in the power words and story have to change the world.

“Only Make-Believe” (Fae Anthology, July 2014)

Robin, who looks like a faun when he isn’t hiding himself with glamour magic, has tried to make a life for himself since his parents abandoned him in the human world. When he meets a girl with magic of her own, he has to navigate identity, loneliness, and teenage hormones. …

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“Green” (Cicada Magazine, Sept./Oct. 2011)

A short story about a young homeless boy, Theo, whose magic or mental illness — he’s not entirely sure which — prevents him from living a normal life. He is taken in by a pair of kind strangers who soon learn they’ve gotten in a little over their heads. Excerpt: …

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