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The vast majority of music I make is cover songs of music from video games (also known as “VGM”). My primary instrument is flute, and I’ve been making music online under the name “Lauren the Flute” since 2011. I also sing, play a little piano, and occasionally pull out some hand percussion.

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My Band, The Returnersnerdapalooza-stage

In addition to my solo work, I am the leader of The Returners, a video game cover band based in Austin. I sing, play flute, and run things behind-the-scenes.

Collaboration Work

In the past, I played flute as a member of the Descendants of Erdrick. I have also performed live with The World Is Square, Those Who Fight, Careless Juja, and Viking Guitar Live. I’ve contributed to original and cover tracks by friends including Amanda Lepre, Year 200X, stemage, Viking Guitar, Marc Papeghin, and Alexander Brandon.

I’m always happy to collaborate with other musicians. If you are interested in having me play on your album, or you would be interested in my band performing at your event, please contact me!